As I sit here in a hotel room in Philadelphia I can't help but to become so overwhelmed by the faithfulness + goodness of God. In just 16 hours my husband and I will be boarding a plane to Kathmandu, Nepal where we will spend 3 weeks adventuring + learning. Just 4 years ago I was in Nepal + since then, I have longed to go back. I am not only going back, but I am going back with my husband for a photography workshop. We will also have time to reconnect with old friends, site see, & take in all the culture offers! This is an adventure so GOOD I couldn't have even dreamed it up on my own. Jesus knows us so much better than we know ourselves. 

The main reason we are going to Nepal is to partake in a photography workshop called, The Beyond Workshop. The Beyond Workshop exists to teach photographers how to give back to a world in need. Through this time, we will be learning and growing under some amazing photographers + designers (in my opinion, some of the best in the business). If I told you I wasn't nervous, I would be lying. This is our first ever workshop we have participated in and the other attendees are SO TALENTED!! (I definitely feel like the bottom of the barrel if I am TOTALLY honest.) But, instead of focusing on that, I am trying to focus on how God is going to use these people in our lives to grow us as photographers + people. I believe that there is so much to unfold this time around in Nepal + I am so excited to watch it all take place, this time with my husband by my side. 

As we embark on this grand adventure, we ask for prayer. Pray that we will embrace the unfamiliarity + uncomfortable moments. Pray that we will embrace new friendships + new beginnings for our business. We believe that its when we step outside our comfort zones we grow as photographers + people. We are not naive to the fact that there will be overwhelming moments  of "I am not adequate to be here" and "I am not good enough." But, instead of believe those thoughts, we want to believe + remember that God has ordained these very moments to learn + grow. We don't want to take this time for granted but to embrace every second with our whole being. 

Thank you for being a community around us to pray for us + to push us to chase these crazy dreams our hearts hold. You are the best supporters and we could not be more thankful to be surround by people like you. 

Cheers, The Abrahams. 

ps. feel free to keep up with us via instagram: @theemileeabraham @thealexabraham