Mr. & Mrs. Burkholder

Lauren & Scott were our first wedding of 2017, and my goodness, I couldn't have asked for a better couple, family or bridal party to kick off our year with! Alex and I loved these two after just working with them for ONE day. By the glimpse of their bridal party photos you can probably tell that their whole date was a giant party. I feel like every bridal party can learn a thing or two from Lauren and Scott's: be willing to be silly & do whatever your photographer suggests. The more comfortable and laid back you are in front of the camera the better the photos will be & the more fun you will have! Lauren & Scott were both beaming all day long & just couldn't wait to get their eyes on each other when Lauren walked down the aisle. As we took their photos they were so comfortable with each other & Scott couldn't keep his eyes off his bride. But who could blame him?! Look at that girl!  As most couples do, Lauren & Scott wrote letters to each other. But, Scott not only wrote to Lauren promising her all his love & devotion to her for all his days, he wrote one to her DAD too, promising him that he will forever love his daughter & always lead her to Christ. Que all the tears & all the feels. Unreal.

Lauren & Scott, you guys blessed us so much. Thank you for letting us be part of your day. You two are a treasure. We are so confident in your marriage & that Jesus is going to do so much in and through you guys & your marriage. We love you, Burkholders! Cheers! 

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