Mr. & Mrs. Woodruff

These two. Where do I even begin? I have known Nicole since she was an awkward middle schooler. I have watched her grow into an amazing woman after the heart of God. I have just recently *officially* met Travis but I felt like I knew him from how much Nicole has talked about him over the years. There was something so refreshing about their wedding. They clearly were more focused on their marriage than they were their wedding day. For my type A, OCD personality Nicole sometimes stressed me out about the minor details she didn't pay much attention to for the day itself. But I soon realized it was because she wasn't concerned about them. All she wanted was at the end of the day to be Travis' wife. Jesus was so evident through their entire day & we can't wait to watch these two take the world by storm. We are so proud of you both & love you dearly Mr. & Mrs. Woodruff!