The Owens

Kaycee was my (emilee) discipleship group leader all the way through high school. She and her husband Kellen are now our community group leaders. They have been a huge part in mine and Alex's spiritual walk and have played a big role in shaping who we are today. Their lives are full of love and laughter. They show others what it means to let the Lord invade every area of their lives. These two are huge examples of what it means to love Jesus fully, love others deeply, and eachother constantly. 

About three years ago, Kaycee and Kellen started the adoption process to bring home the babe Jesus had for them all along from Etheopia. Just recently, they got some incredible and exciting news. It wont be long until baby owens is home and we could not be more excited to be part of this process with them.

In efforts to help raise funds for their adoption, Alex and I will be offering 30-minute-mini sessions August 21, 28, & September 4, for $100. All proceeds will go directly to their adoption. For more information please fill out the form under the "contact" tab and we will be in touch with you within 24-hours. 

For more information on their adoption, visit their blog HERE. 

To give online click HERE.